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About Us

The Turtle Tanks brand has been and still is one of the largest distribution networks of tanks from coast to coast since 1984. Our roots were in providing design, suppy, and installation services to general contractors and home owners and we have built and installed tanks from 150 to 15,000 gallons.

Our goal is to provide the most economical solution while protecting the environment. As such, here are 10 good reasons why Turtle Tanks is the best:

  1. Turtle Tanks have twice the lifespan of conventional concrete tanks.
  2. Turtle Tanks has the largest load capacity of any concrete tank design, so there is no danger of collapsing!
  3. Turtle Tanks will not float in a high water table. 
  4. Turtle Tanks has the highest compressive strength of any known tank design, allowing for deep burial without the tank collapsing.
  5. Turtle Tanks has superior logistical qualities as they can be moved, shipped, and stored in the most efficient manner because they “nest” together and are the lightest concrete tanks made.
  6. The geometric shape of the Turtle Tank allows for septic pumpers to visually see the entire tank, making it the easiest tank to service. 
  7. Turtle Tanks continues to research, design, and develop innovative storage solutions that optimize the use of construction materials and construction methods.
  8. Turtle Tanks has the largest volume to surface ratio of any known tank design or geometric shape. 
  9. The manufacturing, transportation, and installation of a Turtle Tank has the least amount of impact on the environment compared to other tank designs. 
  10. Turtle Tanks is designed for an effluent filter, saving customers several hundred dollars because risers are not needed.